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Page-2, Veterans Transition (also referred to as "PAGE-2) is a non-profit located in Owings Mills, Maryland (Headquarters Oxon Hill, Maryland) that offers veteran transition services. Page-2 will distinguish itself from other non-profits by assisting veterans and their family members with the processing of Veterans Affairs claims to help speed up the process. The Maryland Institute of Language and Technology is the parent organization for PAGE-2. 

PAGE-2 is covered under Maryland Institute's tax-exempt status.

PAGE-2 is a network of veterans from the military, federal service, emergency services, and fire rescue helping veterans reintegrate back into their respective communities.

Monique A. Kelly, MBA, M.Ed, President
Milton Lawler, Ph.D. Vice President
Avis Jones, MSIS, Chief Development Officer

email:  page-2@mdinlangtech.org

   Parental Training of Young Mothers and Fathers

The Institute works with mothers and fathers to develop supportive, enriching parenting practices that will help their children be prepared to meet the challenges of higher learning expectations.

   Support Veterans, Military members, and their families

The institue provides families, childcare professionals, and other education and service agencies assistance in successfully addressing issues effecting veteran’s homelessness, military members returning from the war zone, and their family members by giving them access to education, training, and development programs to improve their quality of life.

    Community Ambassadors Living Martin’s Dream

The Community Ambassadors Living Martin’s Dream program is a two week seminar that targets students from segments of our society underrepresented in medicine, education, law, public policy, dentistry, engineering, and architecture. The program will help students in their pursuit of careers in one of these professions. The program assists students in preparing for life after high school using:

Traditional instruction methods

Homework exercises

Small group discussions

Foreign Language classes

Practice Examinations for CLEP/DANTES/AP


Mock school admissions interviews

Currently, there is a need for more organizations to focus in on addressing the educational needs within our communities. 

 We offer out of school time programs to low income students and families.

formerly Combined Federal Campaign of the National Capital Area #75787

Our goal is to help individuals and families win their fight through education and career training.

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