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Currently, there is a need for more organizations to focus in on addressing the educational needs within our communities. 



Crescent Cities Charities, Inc. helps local charity implement the T and A of STEAM

On July 3rd, 2020, the Maryland Institute of Language and Technology received a $1200.00 grant from Crescent Cities Charities, Inc., 6907 Oxon Hill Rd, Oxon Hill, MD 20745. Steven G. Novak, Chairman, Grants Committee, thanked the institute for “assisting those less fortunate in our community.” Oftentimes the less fortunate don’t possess a degree or certification. While all STEAM components require a degree or certification, positions in the T and A of STEAM, technology and arts, can easily be filled with candidates with the skills needed to do the job.

A position in STEAM will help those less fortunate transitions from degree/certificate/diploma driven position to skills driven positions. Sun Tzu said when you’re faced with an obstacle to take the course of least resistance. The Enhancing Lives Though Language and Technology program places low income students and students of color on a course of least resistance to a better paying job. 

The Maryland Institute of Language and Technology will use the grant to implement its ENHANCING LIVES THROUGH LANGUAGE AND TECHNOLOGY PROGRAM. The program helps low income students and students of color enter college or career training programs. We will guide low income students and students of color to take advantage of the opportunities as either a bilingual administrative specialist or entry level cyber security specialist. Successful completion will lead participants closer to economic self-sufficiency and out of poverty.

The Enhancing Lives Through Language and Technology Program’s example of successful completion is the increase in income greater than the amount necessary to move from poverty to lower middle class. Normally this can lead to a $1500.00 to $3000.00 annual increase in income. The median annual Administrative Assistant - Bilingual salary is $42,538, with a range usually of $37,258-$46,122, however this can vary widely depending on a variety of factors (  Earnings for Entry-Level Information Security Analysts come in at around $64K annually on average. Total cash earnings of Entry-Level Information Security Analysts range from $44K on the low end to $88K on the high end; the final amount can include bonuses and profit sharing proceeds that occasionally exceed $8K and $10K, respectively. The majority of Entry-Level Information Security Analysts claim high levels of job satisfaction.

Once participants receive a better paying position in the Washington, DC area they are in a position to work for the betterment of their larger community.Type your paragraph here.

 We offer out of school time programs to low income students and families.

Our goal is to help individuals and families win their fight through education and career training.

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GOAL/TARGET: To assist participants or their family member to enter college or prepare for a higher-paying career

Outreach and Selection

Develop selection criteria for career development and college preparation programs.
Develop a marketing plan for the outreach using multiple media platforms.
Develop flyer describing program services and eligibility requirements
Distribute flyer to churches, community organizations and government agencies (Partners) servicing target population
Meet with churches, community organizations, government agencies (Partners) to discuss program
Select 30 participants


Develop/revise curriculum series (job skills, money management, job search skills, COMPTIA Security+ certification, languages, ESL)
Meet with potential program clients to identify skills, needs, goals, and individual  plans of action.
Coordinate training logistics
Provide weekly two-hour training session series to two groups of participants (college preparation or career development).

College Preparation

Develop/revise curriculum series (Standardized entrance test preparation, essay writing, interview skills, language, scholarship/grant identification, financial aid, college application process, college fair preparation).
Coordinate training logistics
Meet with oratorical contest, college tour and college fair partners
Prepare students for college tours
Prepare participants for college fairs.
Prepare students for oratorical contests.


Job Placement

Develop/maintain job bank of potential employers of Bi-lingual Administrative Assistants and entry level Security Analysts.
Meet with prospective employers to discuss the program
Work with participants to obtain job interviews
Work with clients to prepare for job interviews


On-the-job Support Services

Provide on-the-job visits to clients and employers
Meet privately with clients as needed to discuss work performance and issues
Meet privately with employers as needed to discuss work performance and issues

In-school Support services

Provide on-campus contact with each participant.
Contact campus professors
Serve as advocate for student when necessary.